Fairhaven Antique Appraisal Day - Sunday Oct. 2nd

Fairhaven Antique Appraisal Day at Farmers Market!
Want to know if your old items are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars?
Now you can find out during the Fairhaven Antique Appraisal Day.
Date: October 2, 2011
Time: 1PM-4PM
Place: Fairhaven High School
(in conjunction with the Fairhaven Farmer’s Market)

Bring your items to the Fairhaven Business Association (FBA) booth located at the Fairhaven Farmer’s Market. Appraisal by an antique specialist is $5 per item paid at the event.*
*Sponsored by the FBA. Appraisals are not obligations or guarantees by the FBA or Farmer’s Market.

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