Last Day Outside!

Join us today, on this beautiful sunny Fall Sunday for our last outdoor market of the year. Come get your pumpkins, honey, eggs, meat and tons of local produce.  Next week, we start  indoors at Nemasket Gallery on the corner of Green and Bridge Street, two blocks from the outdoor market.

Visit The Farmers Market on 10/10/10

In your own way celebrate climate solutions.  All around the world today there are celebrations planned.  Join us at the market today and support local food, show everyone how important it is to you.

Music at the market!

We are pleased to announce that Jay and Abby Michaels will be at the market October 10th.  They will be entertaining us with their beautiful music during the event this weekend.  Stop by,  hear them and support our wonderful local event.  It is" Harpists for Peace Day" on Sunday!
We are excited that we are so lucky to have someone playing harp at our market on this important day.